What can I find in Mercilona shop?

- In our shop you can find prints by various artists, frames in different colors, jewelry, postcards and stamps, souvenirs such as magnets, candles, coasters, and much more.

What is a print and what is its value?

- A print refers to a reproduction of an artwork, typically created through a printing process such as lithography, etching, or digital printing. It allows for the mass production and distribution of an artist's work, making it more accessible to a larger audience.
Prints are valuable for several reasons. First, they are more affordable than original artworks, allowing more people to own and enjoy art. Limited editions and rarity increase their desirability and value. Collecting prints allows individuals to build diverse art collections and connect with artists. Prints by local artists hold value due to their connection with the place, understanding of culture and traditions. Finally, prints can reflect historical and cultural significance, adding to their value.

I have my own shop and I would love to sell your products, is it possible?

- Yes it is possible! We would be happy to collaborate if you’re interested in a wholesale purchase. Let us know at and we’ll send you our price list.

I produce my own product and would love to sell it in your shop, is it possible?

- Yes it is possible! Prepare a presentation for us with all information about your product: price, dimensions, materials. Send it to and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Do you ship anything other than prints and postcards?

- At the moment, you can order only prints and postcards that are presented on the website. We are actively working on replenishing the assortment, soon all the products presented in our physical store will appear here and will be available for order.

Do you accept changes and returns?

- Make your selection thoughtfully, as we do not allow refunds or exchanges for change of mind on products purchased online. At Mercilona, we take great care and effort in packaging our products with love, minimizing the chances of transit damage or faulty items. However, if such an unfortunate event does occur, please reach out to us at within 48 hours, and we will do our best to minimize any inconvenience caused.